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Enter the African Bicycle Design Contest

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I mentioned the African Bicycle Design Contest in a previous post, but I want to remind you that the deadline for submitting an entry is just over one week away (September 30th). If you have any ideas about how a bicycle can be designed or modified to make a difference in Africa, I encourage you to register on the Wiki-bike site and share your thoughts, sketches, photos, etc. While you are there, be sure to check out the blog section of the site to see photos of bikes around the world and a few of the entries submitted so far. More information about the contest is available in the press release below. I am looking forward to seeing some of your entries when we start the judging process in October.

How do you redesign an icon?

On Tuesday, September 7th 2010, better known as Duurzame Dinsdag (Sustainable Tuesday) in the Netherlands, the African Bicycle Design Contest (ABDC) has won the 2nd prize in the national battle. The ABDC is an initiative to develop a Bicycle that fulfills African needs, in co-creation with students, professionals and everyone else interested. Ideas can be submitted till September 30th 2010 at

The Netherlands is famous for its bicycle culture. There are more bicycles than inhabitants and a bicycle is used by all people, regardless of status, sex, culture and religion. As in the Netherlands, bicycles are very popular in Africa. But where in the Netherlands the bicycle is mostly used for leisure and commuting, in Africa it is a tool for economical empowerment and independence. Unlike the Netherlands, the available bicycle designs in Africa are of poor quality, which hampers economic development.

Research shows there’s a need for sustainable bicycle designs produced with environmental friendly and local available materials, to reduce or prevent an increase of CO2 emission. The worldwide knowledge and innovative ideas could have a real impact on the livelihood of African families.

Wiki-bike is inviting everyone to submit their ideas for the perfect African bicycle and join the African Bicycle Design Contest 2010-2011. A professional jury, with James Thomas, Peter van der Veer, Luud Schimmelpennink, Jan Carel Diehl, Frank van Rijn, Nick van Kimmenade and the African Bicycle Network, will judge all contributions and select five design ideas in October 2010. The five winning contributions will be awarded with a design team that will develop the design ideas into prototypes. Maybe one of these prototypes will be the bicycle that makes a difference in Africa! The design team delivering the best prototype will win a 10-day trip to Kenya to assist a Kenyan team in producing this bicycle (conditions apply). Visit for more information.

The African Bicycle Design Contest is an initiative of Cycling out of Poverty in cooperation with IDEAL&CO, Slimmer foundation and several universities and colleges.

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  1. greenobike September 21, 2010 at 11:43 pm -  Reply

    From what I’ve read, I think that the ABDC should adopt the design of the World Bicycle Relief program. Not only does WBR have an ruggedized and standardized design, they also have a system for assembling and maintaining the bikes using local labor and entrepreneurship. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with SRAM or WBR in any way.

  2. Delepine September 29, 2010 at 4:38 am -  Reply

    I tried well to post my project on the wiki bike blog, but I wonder if it works. I do not believe. Damage.

    • James T September 29, 2010 at 8:09 am -  Reply

      Hi Delepine, Sorry to hear you had trouble. Did you register on the Wiki site first? Send me an email at james (at) bicycledesign (dot) net and I will try to get this resolved for you.

  3. Sash Lowther November 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    I couldn’t even get the extra’s of my designs on there either and i was registered if you can call it that, but i didn’t want to hassle on emails again! Oh well eitherway i just hope they comeout with something good=and not something with 5 wheels, tomuch plastic, skinny weak racer wheels, internet tv or hairdryers on it!!! I don’t care if its designed by a studying student or NASA even cos to me that doesnt mean anything=you have to ride and fix bikes for years to know what really makes a good bike!! it just better be tuff enough to survive and be simple and easy to ride and to fix!!!!! GET IT RIGHT Pleeeease

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