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Globe Brand Bikes

The Bike Hugger crew is in Minneapolis right now for the launch of the Globe Brand Bikes from Specialized. The new bikes look pretty cool from what I have seen so far…love the bent ply rear rack that is shown here. Read more about the launch at Bike Hugger and check out their Globe Flickr set for more shots of the bikes.

Photo credit: Bike Hugger

Update: See the Globe Brand Bikes site here and more from Urban Velo here.

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  1. redhotchilly12 says

    Great bike..I've been looking for this kind of bike and I'm glad that you share this. For more Bikes info's you can visit the site.

  2. ian in hamburg says

    The wood and leather on that bike look very stylish. Do you know if they plan to sell them over in Germany or the rest of Europe? The market for bikes like that over here is huge.

  3. James says

    Ian, I don't really know. Maybe Byron at Bike Hugger can answer that one for you since he just left the official product launch.

  4. Anonymous says

    How do they tension the chain with the discs? Are they using the alfine tensioner?

  5. Anonymous says

    Looks pretty, but not as practical as real Dutch bikes: to get to that level it would need a full chaincase and adjustable handlebars.

  6. dl says


    Yes these will sell worldwide, but that's up to the dealer and from what we've heard they're much more into racing and MTB, then urban.


    They use eccentric bottom brackets. Also, it doesn't have to be Dutch to be good — more styles, more sales, better for everyone. Also, not weighing 50 pounds works for cities that aren't flat. The Cargonistas always overlook the "hills" part.

  7. Elliott says

    Nice looking bike, but for a bike that claims to haul I would expect it to have a line of bags to compete with the kona ute. It seems to be headed for that niche, but afraid to go all the way.

  8. lonelypirate says

    very nise bike,where can i get one?

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