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2010 Fisher Road bike

I mentioned a little earlier that I am fairly new to Twitter. I am not sure why I waited so long to start though because Twitter is the place to be if you want to see and hear things first.

This sneak peak of a 2010 Gary Fisher road bike in the photo studio was twittered (or tweeted, or however you say it) by the man himself.

Here is another interesting tweet from Gary while at the studio:

So, Superfly 100, made in USA carbon dual, the lightest frame we have ever made, and not a noodle. Holy Shit! Thank you, thank you thank you

He definitely sounds excited about the new bikes. Can’t wait to see them.

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9 Responses

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  1. Ron says

    It looks pretty stout. Might suit bigger riders.

  2. C says

    Honestly, it looks like yet another “me too” wannabe racer bike. Yawn.

  3. Sean Carter says

    i agree with “C”.

    show mw the new cargo bike gary!

  4. jimmythefly says

    I assume this is related to the going away of LeMond?

    I’m with you guys, show me the cargo haulers!

  5. Anonymous says

    No comments on the wheels yet. Hmm. Any detailed oriented people read this blog??

  6. James says

    I do think the road bike looks pretty nice, but along with C, Sean, and jimmythefly, I would really like to see that cargo bike in the line.

  7. Anonymous says

    Gary Fisher is the anti-design. The only thing he has contributed to bicycle design is the advent of viable 29″ wheels offroad, which might’ve happened without him anyway. Aside from that, his biggest success has been hiring someone to dress him properly.

  8. Anonymous says

    Maybe you negative dudes should blog less and ride more. That bike looks freakin sweet from what I can see!!!

  9. Ralph says

    I road this bike last week during Cycle Oregon…first one in Oregon according to the demo dude. It was one sweet ride. Stiff front end, super light and great acceleration and good control on the down hills. The one I road had red fisher lettering.

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