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  1. celeriac says

    Why are the wheels only half laced?

  2. Dan Mc says

    The way I see it, the wheels are half unlaced.


    I enjoy the various submissions from designers, whether they are from major bicycle manufacturers or from the minds of creative individuals. Anything that gets more people on bikes (or trikes) is good.

  3. Ron says

    Great design.

    With regards to all the wording centered around “organic” design, it reminded me of bicycle maker ISSAC’s marketing brochure from a year or two back where they used the same idea, signifying the ovular shapes of the frame as being “organic”.

  4. bikesgonewild says

    …hirshberg's trike is a pretty cool design but it might need a bigger or differently shaped saddle, considering the intended market…his heart & his head are in the right place, though…

    …the gsus bike would perhaps make for a nice conversion to electric capacity…

    …florian's bike, despite his overly elaborate explanation, is one of the more sensibly structured for the "non-direct steering" machines i've seen…

    …& sky yaeger has always been right on the money when it comes to contemporary bicycle design…although i did question the limited range of appeal when she first kicked down swobo’s new line…

    …swobo, having expanded upon that & myself, having read their "mission statement", i once again hold miz yeager in the highest regard…she knows what's up (or helps create what's up) & i'm glad my bianchi cross bike has a sticker that reads “100% chick designed”

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