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Go with me, the Whike, and more

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Posting has been light this week, but I want to quickly pass along a few links that I have run across lately. The Core77 blog featured this “electric bike train” concept from the Coroflot portfolio of Jiang Qian. The concept is intended to be modular so the bike can be used individually or strung together. I don’t see any pedals though, so maybe this could more accurately be described as an electric scooter train.

The “Go with me” is just a concept, but for something equally different that is actually in production, check out the Whike, a recumbent tricycle with a big sail attached. Jasper, who pointed this out to me, test rode a Whike for a Dutch newspaper. It sounds like he went pretty fast and had fun riding it; I’d love to try one myself as long as I could get away from traffic to do so.

Speaking of crazy bikes, the people at “Crank it Up Cycling for All” are looking for different types of unusual and fun bike designs that they can build. They are a UK based voluntary non-profit group formed to promote cycling and they offer various types of bikes for people to try out. If any of you have an unusual bike design that you would like to see built, contact them though their website. They can’t pay money for the designs, but they will credit the designer with a sticker on the bike. This seems like a great opportunity for students who wish to see their designs built but don’t have the resources to do so. If any of you submit a design and it gets built, let me know so I can pass along a picture on the blog.

Finally, I’ll mention a post on the new Metropolis magazine blog about a design contest for a bicycle parking garage in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The competition is accepting applications until July 18th. Read more about it here at the Forum for Urban Design website.

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