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Heart shaped frame

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I don’t have time for much of a post today. Since it is Valentine’s Day though, I will at least pass along this picture of a chopper with a heart shape in the frame. This photo was used on the cover of Momentum Magazine issue 26 to accompany their “Love on two wheels” article.

I noticed this picture last night in an ad that appeared in back issue of Velo Vision magazine. I check their website pretty often, but Peter sent me a few issues of the print magazine to look through (which I greatly apreciate). There is a lot of great content in those magazines, so you will probably see a few posts that reference some of the articles in the near future. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Clancy Dennehy for Momemtum

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  1. kholish February 14, 2008 at 1:18 pm -  Reply

    Looks pretty good combination 🙂

  2. Zoot Katz March 4, 2008 at 11:25 pm -  Reply

    What a surprise to see Jim’s Love Chopper on your blog!

    The image doesn’t show the half-heart shape of the seat stays. The female model has her feet braced on foot pegs. The saddle is an extra long polo (banana)style covered with sheepskin. The wide deep sweep of the handlebar allows the bike to be ridden as pictured.

    It’s more pleasurable riding it than holding that static staid pose. It handles predictably.

    Built by Vancouver artist Jim Hoehnle, the bike has been enjoyed by hundreds of people and fully appreciated by a few discrete couples.

    Zoot Katz

    • Sean February 13, 2012 at 1:58 am -  Reply

      I ended up buying this very same bike in downtown Vancouver today.

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