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Just checking in

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As expected, it has been a busy trip so far. I have been working long hours without any free time to get out and look around, so the only pictures that I have taken are from a moving van. Both of these shots were taken yesterday in a rural area just north of Dongguan. Cargo trikes like these are pretty common in China and you see them carrying all kinds of loads. I saw one a couple days ago that was heavily loaded with pigs, but I couldn’t get a shot as it passed in the other direction. Hopefully, I will get some better bike pictures over the course of the next week and will be able to share those when I return.

I also want to pass along a link that someone sent me. The crazy bicycles site gets updated with new pictures and you can vote on the coolest design. Some of the designs are crazy as the site name indicates, but it is worth a look.

Anyway, I have to run. It is 5:30 am Saturday morning and I have another fully scheduled day, but I’ll try and get some shots of the Chinese brand small-wheeled city bikes that I have been seeing in the urban areas. Hope you don’t mind blurry images through a dirty van window.

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  1. bikesgonewild November 9, 2007 at 8:55 pm -  Reply

    …ah, james-san, were you aware dongguan dates back about 5,000 years…of less interest, but nonetheless true, the worlds largest shopping mall is located there…maybe not so old…

    …chinese cargo trikes are amazing, held together w/ baling wire, wood & backstreet / farm welding…ingenious vehicles…

    …hope you have some time to enjoy the sites, you imperialistic riding dog…

  2. Ron November 11, 2007 at 2:18 pm -  Reply

    I thought the world’s largest shopping mall was in Dubai, or only proposed as yet?
    Enjoy your trip!

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