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Urban bikes in Dwell

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As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, articles about bicycles are becoming commonplace in general design and shelter magazines these days. Dwell magazine has a report on urban bikes in their November issue, which should be hitting newsstands about now. The guys at Bike Hugger provided the commentary for the report so you know it is well informed. By the way, you can see the list of bikes included in the feature at their recent post about the article.

The Dwell article also mentions a Wired magazine article about “city bikes” as a new hot category. I doubt that is news to any of you, but it is great exposure in a widely read mainstream publication for the bike industry in general. On the subject of Wired, their Gadget Lab blog has been featuring bikes pretty often lately and even has a bicycles category. I have been meaning to mention the Wired Gadget Lab blog since they have linked to Bicycle Design a couple of times lately.

I received an email from a reader a few days ago who said that he really couldn’t believe I missed this and this. Actually, I didn’t miss these. The Pi bike has been all over the web and a couple of readers mentioned it to me. I just chose not to post these bikes, because, well… neither of these designs really appealed to me. Of course, that is just my opinion. These bikes have both received a fair amount of exposure on other blogs, so congrats to both of the designers on that. The aesthetic component of design is subjective, so maybe some of you really like one or both of these bikes. Occasionally, I do post a bike that doesn’t really appeal to me personally, but I still see something that interests me about the concept. I guess these could fit into that category, so here I am posting them after all. By the way, even though I don’t post everything that I receive from readers, I do greatly appreciate all of the tips and feedback. Please keep them coming.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Thanks to Fritz at Cyclelicious for the heads up on the Dwell article yesterday. Speaking of Fritz, yesterday he posted a link to Sheldon Brown’s coverage of Interbike 2007. Like everything else on Sheldon’s site, it is worth a look.

Photo credit: Hugger Industries on Flickr

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  1. bikesgonewild October 12, 2007 at 4:39 pm -  Reply

    …i’d love to ride the ‘pi’ bike…as you mentioned, “the aesthetic component of design is subjective” & that also applies to the “feel”, if you will…certain machines just never quite “feel” ergonomically right…often times that can be altered through adjustment & sometimes not…

    …as an electric hybrid, i kinda dig the ‘pi’…certainly more aesthetically pleasing to me, than the few electrics i’ve tried…personally i’m still a ‘pedal’ guy, & the jury is still kinda out on the real cost of eletricity…
    …but ‘pi’ bike & it’s iterations are interesting…highly costly but definitely interesting…

  2. Luciano Bove October 13, 2007 at 9:33 am -  Reply

    Hi, check out on my Design Blog the video about Bicycle Design from last Mondial du deux Roues in will like it! If you want we could exghange links..let me know!

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