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Eurobike and more

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Eurobike is underway right now, but I am not paying as much attention to it as I would like (I am busy at work and also kind of focused on what is coming up in Greenville). If you are looking for pics from Eurobike, Fritz has posted a great list of bloggers who are covering the show. The crankset pictured here should come as no surprise. The Bicycling Magazine “This Just In” blog posted this picture of the new carbon Dura Ace crankset from the show. Also check out their post about the SRAM Red group, which I think looks very nice.

I noticed an interesting design related link from the Trek Life page yesterday. The Trek King of the Mountain blog has a short interview with one of the company’s industrial designers, Michael Hammond. They also posted a great bike sketch that he did as a kid. The shocker looks pretty rad. Trek really should consider using that slanted 80s rock logo on one of their new mountain bike offerings.

I know of a few bike bloggers who are going to be in Greenville this weekend for US Pro. Neil and the guys from Road will be here. Josh the Pro Bike Wrench will be working at the race. I don’t know about Frank from the TDFblog and Bike Hugger, but he was here last year, so my guess is that he will be here again photographing the race. Olivier’s blog isn’t really about bicycles, though they show up in posts fairly often. He will be photographing the races and I am looking forward to seeing his shots. That is all I know of at the moment, but I am sure that other bike bloggers will be here. Shoot me an email and fill me in if you know of anyone that I missed. It is kind of late notice, but it would be cool to have a little bike blogger meet up over the weekend.

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  1. Olivier Blanchard August 30, 2007 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    I will probably create a gallery of race shots on flickr over the weekend. The link will be posted on thebrandbuilder blog Sunday or Monday.


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