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Freewheeling in House and Garden

I was planning to post another student concept today, but I am taking a short lunch and don’t have time to pull it together. In the mean time, you can check out an interesting Australian student design concept over at Spinopsys.

I mentioned recently that I am seeing bikes a lot more often in design and shelter magazines these days. This morning, I was flipping through the July issue of House and Garden and spotted an article about urban/ commuter bikes. Great! I love to see pro-bicycling content in general interest publications. I enjoyed reading the article, which was definitely geared toward those people who haven’t done much cycling as adults. It mentions and quotes Joe Breeze, who you all probably know is focused on “transpo” bikes these days. Elizabeth Preston of the LAB is also quoted in the article talking about bicycle infrastructure projects nationwide.

Nice job House and Garden. Thanks for providing some basic information to your readers who might not think about taking short trips by bike otherwise.

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