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Road Magazine’s blog

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Yesterday, Masiguy posted a list of the blogs that he reads on a regular basis. I was happy to see that Bicycle Design was included, but I was also unaware of several of the blogs on his list. Thanks for the list Tim; I am anxious to check out some of those bike blogs that I hadn’t seen before. Sometime soon, I will post a similar list of the blogs to which I subscribe with RSS and check at least a few times a week.

One of the blogs that I check often is by Neil, the editor at Road Magazine. Yesterday, I noticed that he linked to a new official Road Magazine blog. Neil points out in his post that some of the stuff that they do “slips between the cracks and doesn’t make it into the magazine. This might be interviews with athletes that are time sensitive. By the time it would hit the newsstand, it’s old news.” Personally, I think Road is one of the best bike magazines out there, so I am excited about the new blog. Based on the first few posts, it appears to be one that I will want to check often. The bike pictured here, Paolo Bettini’s new Quick Step issue Tarmac SL, will interest most readers of this blog. Sure, Bettini’s bike, with its Olympic themed paint job, upstages my own Specialized road bike which is pictured in my last post, but I’ll get over it. I would be jealous, but based on his achievements, I think Bettini has earned a pretty nice ride. Check out this Road blog post for more pictures of the Quick Step team bikes.

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