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In response to my recent request for design submissions, Jerry sent me his H.E.r0 (Human-Electric, revision zero) concept. He describes it as “a human-powered robot bicycle featuring an internal hub transmission. The front and rear wheels act as gyroscopes to maintain balance when lifted off of the ground while the larger main drive wheel moves the bike. Additionally, the front and rear wheels have mag-lev bearings to reduce friction and can also propel the bike for 3-wheel drive.”

The bike is designed to be modular, with interchangeable front and rear wheels (or alternate parts) for different environments (land, air, water, etc.). Also, Jerry points out, the H.E.r0 concept is powered by electricity-generating technology, so it has the capability of being used on any planet. Can you say that about your current bike? To be honest, it is something that I haven’t given much thought.

You can find out more about the H.E.r0 concept on Jerry’s Coroflot site and see additional images on his Flickr page. Also, be sure to check out some of his concept sketches right here. Looks like a fun project; thanks for the submission Jerry.

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  1. robodobo November 8, 2006 at 7:23 pm -  Reply

    I could swear my son has a miniature version of the H.E.rO he got with a Happy Meal or Lego kit. He claims his can fly and go underwater too. It is nice to see the designer that is not held back by the laws of physics or being dependent on components that don’t yet exist in the practical world. It took hundres of years for some of DaVinci’s ideas to be built. Maybe in the future people will be riding these things. Good luck.

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