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“Materials in Bicycles” conference

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I just saw a mention of something that sounds pretty cool in the Road Bike Rider newsletter. Prior to the start of the 2007 Tour De France in London on Friday, July 6th 2007, Carlton Reid of Bike Biz will chair a one-day conference called “Materials in Bicycles.” Speakers will include Dr. Alex Moulton, Chris Boardman, and Mike Burrows, who designed the Lotus super bike as well as some of my favorite bikes at Giant in the 90’s (if you don’t already have his book, you can order it from Amazon on my Squidoo site). The bulk of the conversation will be centered on composites, so it should be a pretty interesting seminar for anyone interested in bicycle technology and design. If you want to read more about the conference, download Bike Biz 11 right here. This event will definitely be worth checking out if you plan to be in London for the Tour prologue.

I’ll post the rest of those Trek exhibit pictures next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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