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Who had the best exhibit at Interbike?

Yeah, I know that Interbike ended a month ago, but the show is back in the news this week. Interesting, but that is not really the reason for this post.

Yesterday, while reading The Biking Hub, I came across this photo of a small part of the Cervelo booth. I have done some exhibit design in the past, so this picture really caught my attention. I love the contrast between the pure white frames and the glossy red background. Based on this detail shot, I would guess that Cervelo had one of the best looking booths at the show this year. Of course, I wasn’t actually at the show, so I don’t really know. Maybe some of you who attended can tell me what companies you think did the best job of attracting attention and displaying their products. Based on the pictures I have seen, I think that the quality of displays in general was much better at this show than just a few years ago. It is good to see that companies in the bike industry are paying attention to every aspect of design.

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  1. Tim Jackson- Masi Guy says

    Masi of course, d’uh!

  2. Graham says

    Masi did have a great booth. Minimal with the focus on the bikes. And Masiguy was working that thing. Zippin and Zappin back and forth like a ping pong ball…the hardest working man at Interbike :-)

    Beyond that, I’ll give the nod to Crumpler

    Very colorful. Huge cool looking logo hanging over the booth. And booth made from recycled cardboard.

  3. Anonymous says

    access wise = crumpler and brooks/selle

    bikes = electra

  4. Tim Jackson- Masi Guy says

    Thanks Graham… that check is in the mail.

    I was just joking of course, but I didn’t get a chance to see much other than my own booth for the entire time I was there. I do think that Crumpler was cool too though. I just geek out on the tidbits and goodies so much, that I barely know what the booth itself looks like.

  5. James says

    Tim and Graham, I don’t think there is any doubt about who is the hardest workin’ man in the bike business. I have seen pictures of Tim in the booth in full sales mode with his mouth wide open and arms moving fast. Tim, it is very cool that you have that level of enthusiasm about the products that you represent. Someone should really post a YouTube video of Masiguy in action at Interbike. By the way Tim, the new Masi bikes look really great. I especially like the orange fixie.

    Graham and Anon, judging by the designof Crumpler’s website, I can imagine that their display was very well done. They have great products too.

  6. Fritz says

    I had to think more than ten seconds to figure out the Crumpler website, lost interest and came back here. Complex website design = lost sales.

  7. James says

    I hear what you are saying Fritz and I would normally agree. In this case though, I really enjoyed the playful nature of the site. The illustrations are cool and, as a bike geek, I was drawn into it. I probably spent more time exploring the site than I would have had it been more straightforward and user friendly. I definitely would not appreciate a site like this if I were trying to learn about a technical product or pay my phone bill or something, but in this case, I think it works for the target audience.

    By the way, the other bike company websites that I really like at the moment are Ibis and Knog. Certainly, you can see a theme if you compare the three.

  8. Anonymous says

    The designer, sign the design of the bugabike. I like it.

  9. Olivier Blanchard says

    A white on white on white on white on white design with subtle red accents (a la 2001 Space Odyssey) would have rocked out.

  10. James says

    Funny that you mention 2001: A Space Odyssey. I bought that DVD recently and watched it just a couple weeks ago. Even though we are all now used to modern special effects and that movie is almost 40 years old, it is still visually compelling. You are right; some of those interior environments are really slick.

  11. Anonymous says

    That shot you had of the Cervelo booth was their frame wall. I think it was ahistory of thier products from theri first bike (the big green thing) to their current frame technology. Pretty cool. They had great exhibit that looked like a Ferarri. You saw the booth from a mile away. I think they had the best booth and the best bikes by far!

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