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A few links to spread around

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I wasn’t planning to post today, but I noticed a pretty significant spike in my site stats this morning. It looks like a link from Coudal Partners is the main culprit. Thanks guys. Coincidently, they also had a link to Bike Hugger in the Fresh Signals sidebar a few days ago, so I feel like I am in good company. Coudal is the biggest incoming link today, but links from Swissmiss, Chopper News Network, and Cruiser King are also driving a significant number of hits this way. Check all of these blogs out if you are not already familiar with them.

While I am on the subject of stats and links, my Bicycle Design Squidoo lens has been holding steady in the top 100. Keep checking in on it. I am trying to chronicle my most popular posts on that page. It is also a place for links to bike design related information. As always, I am open to suggestions.

Oh yeah, while I am at it, I should probably throw in some bike design content (you think?). The “Tupolev” bike by Danny Cheung was one of 26 designs picked to be exhibited at Workshopped ’06, an exhibition that recognizes great Australian design. Interesting, but I am not so sure that I would trust the cantilevered member that holds the bottom bracket. See the design for yourself here on the Core77 blog.

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