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Design week New York

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Design week in New York took place last month. Like the bigger annual design gathering in Milan, New York’s design week is made up of many events that are centered around a furniture show, ICFF. I love this show and last year the dates coincided with the New York Bicycle Film Festival, which worked out pretty well for me. I didn’t make it to New York this May, so yesterday I spent some time looking at pictures from the show on the Core 77 website.

A couple of bike related images caught my attention among the many pictures of home furnishings. The Team Aolos Cyclicar was one of many products from Italy displayed in New York. The Aolos website shows a picture of a race with a bunch of these pedal cars. Looks like fun. I wonder how fast they go? Does anyone know if this type of racing popular in Italy? I would love to hear more about it from someone who has seen Cyclicar racing in action.

The Cycloc by Andrew Lang was another bike related product at the show. This wall mounted storage rack is made out of plastic and holds the bike by its top tube. I like the fact that the tube is held top and bottom. You can even lock the bike to the rack with a cable lock if necessary. Not long ago, my road bike was knocked off of its wooden wall rack during a game of chase (maybe I shouldn’t encourage the kids to run in the house, but even I get a bit antsy on rainy days). The bike was OK, but it still makes me a bit nervous to watch all that aluminum and carbon hit the floor. With the Cycloc design, the bike probably would have stayed put.

photo from Core 77


  1. Jack June 14, 2006 at 3:01 am -  Reply

    Dear blogger,
    pedal car racing is somewhat popular in Italy and England They can pedal fast, but faired recumbent bikes from are faster. A few weeks ago we had a championship, on the track of Zandvoort where the fastest riders had 50 kilometres per hour avarage on 3 hour race and 1 hour time trial.
    Jack Dekker, editor

  2. Jack June 14, 2006 at 6:35 am -  Reply

    Hello pmgd,

    we still miss the great results of races in the waw. And also there are not that great numbers around probably because of some disadvantages, no suspension and sometimes too small for larger riders. But some people like it, and like everyone makes their own choice in practicality, looks, luggage room, price and extra’s.
    Greetings and succes with your choice, maybe could be of service, something i wrote years ago,

  3. James June 15, 2006 at 7:56 am -  Reply

    Thanks for the links. No doubt that velomobiles are very fast. I had just never seen pedal cars racing in a pack like that. PMgD, you are right, the waw is a very nice looking machine. Jack, you have a great site. Now I just need to learn to read Dutch . The only words I picked up in Holland were the bare essentials; fiets, skeelers, and bier.

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