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The Ride of Silence

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No design content here, but I feel that this is worth posting. Today, May 17th at 7:00PM, cyclists all over the world will participate in The Ride of Silence. This ride, which will take place in over 200 U.S. cities and 6 countries today, was started in Dallas, Texas in 2003 to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Each ride is free to take part in and will proceed silently this evening at a pace no faster than 12 mph. Unfortunately, many of us know someone who has been seriously injured or killed while cycling, so I hope that many of you will join me by participating in your local ride. If you don’t already know, please check The Ride of Silence website to see if your city has a ride planned for this evening. If so, please attend to show your respect for fallen cyclists and to help raise awareness about the presence of cyclists on the roads in your community.

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