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My Squidoo lenses

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Those of you who read Seth Godin’s marketing blog (and I think you should) are already familiar with Squidoo. If you have never heard of it, check out the site. You might even want to download Seth’s free ebook, Everyone’s an Expert (about something), which explains the concept behind the site.

I finally got around to building my own Squidoo lens to compliment this blog. Right now, the content is minimal, but I plan to use it to highlight my best posts (any suggestions) and to provide content that compliments what you read here on Bicycle Design. I will even be able to show my eBay listings on the page once I get back to the task of clearing out some of the extra stuff in my spare parts bin. I got so caught up in the lense building process, that didn’t stop at bicycle design. I also started one for commuting and one for racing. Both are in the beginning stage, so look for new content soon on those as well. Lenses are fun and easy to build so, if you are interested, click the orange button on any of my pages to create your own. I would love to see more bicycle content on Squidoo, so send me a link if any of you create lenses of your own.

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