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Copenhagen, City of Cyclists

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Anyone who is interested in the design OF bikes is probably also interested in design FOR bikes (at least that’s my justification for this post). A couple of weeks ago, Jonathon of Bike Portland fame posted about a 20-minute video called “Copenhagen, City of Cyclists.” In the video, Copenhagen’s director of traffic planning talks about the elements that make the city successful when it comes to bicycle usage. Also, he discusses some of the ideas that the city would like to implement in the future to become an even better place to ride a bike. For anyone remotely interested in cycling issues and urban planning, this video is a must see. You will see why Copenhagen has such an enviable bike culture and maybe you will find a few ideas that you can implement where you live. Download the free video from the City of Copenhagen bike page if you haven’t already watched it.


  1. Anonymous May 3, 2006 at 12:38 pm -  Reply

    I watched the video. It is great to see such a bicycle friendly city and community. I think the biggest problem here in the U.S. is how far so many people live from where they work. Part of the problem is the “American Dream” of owning a home. People here in San Diego county buy homes 60 miles + from where they work because this is where they can afford a home.

  2. Anonymous September 30, 2009 at 4:09 pm -  Reply

    Good point, but if your dream is to own an apartment?

    Im not from the Netherlands,or Denmark, but here is an idea.
    You could accomplish home or appartment ownership, close to the city by making it affordable. The government and or private investors could build units on a no gain plan. That is people could purchase them at an inexpensive price with the following conditions, 1) They cannot then sell the unit for more than they paid + inflation, 2) no area for a car. People then could buy an affordable home (apartment) close to the city and have the joy of this without trying to make money out of it, ensuring there is a stock of affordable homes, and it would encourage bike use..

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