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Nice design from Garmin

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Garmin has the best looking new heart rate monitor on the market with the Forerunner 305. OK, it is really more than a heart rate monitor because of the GPS capabilities; they refer to it a “personal trainer”. Still, I’d rather keep calling it a heart rate monitor and at over 350 bucks, it’s a pretty pricey one. This Garmin unit makes my old lollipop style Polar look like even more of an antique. If money were no object, I’d definitely get one of these. I think I’d still rather have a separate watch style heart rate monitor than a combined cyclocomputer unit like the Edge. Both are really nice looking products though. It appears that Garmin is pretty serious about design.

I spotted a post about the Forerunner 305 on the Through Th3 Wall blog. She points out that the Forerunners are also Mac compatible. Nice.

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