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Velomobiles in Wired

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My post yesterday prompted a couple of comments about HPVs. It is certainly worth acknowledging that recumbent bikes and trikes are fast and also that they are quite efficient in most situations. I have only ridden a recumbent once, and I must admit that my knowledge about them is somewhat lacking. Still, I am interested in learning more about their construction. I really do admire the design and engineering that goes into some of these machines. The Windcheetah, designed by Mike Burrows, is one of my favorite tricycles with two wheels in the front and a very low rider profile. Maybe some of you can point me toward more really interesting recumbent designs.

Coincidently, Wired magazine posted an article yesterday about velomobiles (also see my recent post about a homemade one). It is always interesting to read a story about human powered vehicles from a source that has nothing to do with cycling. The article mentions a Texas company that is starting to produce velomobiles. Will this be a growing trend in the US? I’d love to see one of these fully enclosed HPVs on the road someday soon.

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  1. Kiril, The Cycling Dude February 12, 2006 at 2:22 pm -  Reply

    Very interesting.


    I’ll stick to what I gots. ;-D

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