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The top ten Bicycle Design posts of 2005

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Happy New Year! Though it really has nothing to do with the content of this post, I thought the picture to the left, which I borrowed it from we make money not art, was appropriate for this time of year. I started this blog in September of the past year as a place to occasionally share ideas about bike design. At the time, I was not sure how long I would keep the blog going, but it seemed like something fun to try. Since I started using StatCounter in late October, about 4300 visitors have stumbled across the Bicycle Design blog. A few of those hits were probably on purpose, so I am encouraged by the numbers.

Though I have tried to remain focused on my little niche in the cycling blogosphere, my most popular post by far has been one that was a bit off topic. A proposal for the auto industry has received way more hits that any of my design related posts. Though it is a few months old, it is still consistently the most viewed post on Bicycle Design. The other most popular posts for ‘05 have been, roughly in order:

2. Free product idea
3. Home-made carbon fiber bikes
4. Specialized concept bikes
5. An open letter to Grant Petersen
6. A modular trailer concept
7. Thumbnail sketches
8. What’s old is new again
9. One of my favorite designs
10. Another concept bike

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this blog these past few months. Stay tuned for more rambling bike commentary in ’06.

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