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Cannondale Jackknife

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In response to my last post, Philippe Holthuizen sent a few images of a concept bike that he recently co-designed for a contest sponsored by Cannondale Europe. Philippe developed this concept along with his partner on the project Rodrigo Clavel, a fellow graduate student of transportation design at the Elisava Design School in Barcelona. The pair’s design for an urban bike called the Jackknife was so named because of the way that it folds for easy handling in elevators and on public transportation. Another feature that makes this bike practical for commuting and riding around town is the hydraulic drive system, which stays clean and requires very little maintenance. As you can see, this design also incorporates several features that characterize the Cannondale brand such as oversized tubing, HeadShok front suspension, and a “lefty” monoblade fork. Although Cannondale currently has no plans to produce this design, you should expect to see it as a concept bike at trade shows around the world.

Congratulations to both Philippe and Rodrigo on a nice design. You can see additional pictures of the concept bike, as well as some other great design work, on both of the recent graduates’ websites. Check out Philippe’s portfolio site here and Rodrigo’s right here.


  1. rocka1bikeshop June 27, 2007 at 8:25 pm -  Reply

    i like this bike very much…did cannondale approve of it and plan to buil it up? or will it stay as concept bike?

    thanks so much..i am following your blog..i too am a cannondale bike fan…and I LOVE SYSTEM6 so much i sold my european bikes…

  2. James June 28, 2007 at 7:18 am -  Reply

    Rocka, This one will probably just be concept bike for a while. In a comment to another post about the Jackknife, Torgny Fjeldskaar, Cannondale’s Director of Industrial Design, explained that “The brief was to explore what an urban bike could look like 8-10 years from now, so like many concept cars, it incorporates technology that is not production ready, like the hydraulic drive-train.”

    To view the other post and the full comment from Torgny, click here

  3. Charles October 12, 2007 at 1:37 am -  Reply

    See the full story, direct from C’dale here.

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