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A homemade velomobile

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Here is an interesting project that I spotted on Treehugger. Steve runs a kayak company on Canada’s west coast. In his spare time, he is building and refining a velomobile that is based on a Hase Kettwiesel recumbent trike. Steve started out with the simple goal of making a replacement fairing for his Vision recumbent, but the project escalated into something a bit more extensive. The velomobile’s progress is well documented on his website. It is definitely worth a look.

While on the subject of fully enclosed recumbents, don’t miss Gene’s excellent post on Biking Biz about the quest for 80 mph on a bicycle. Very interesting stuff!

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  1. Stuart September 17, 2011 at 2:52 pm -  Reply

    This design reminds me of a dream I had once, very long time ago now, where as I was in a bike, some what like the one pictured here also encapsulated. I was riding/driving down a highway that I am all to familiar with. I had stopped and exited the vehicle and as I did so, the vehicle lowered some what slightly as if it had been suspended and weightless, with this weightlessness, caused the vehicle to be driven at higher speed, with less energy required as to peddle the vehicle, causing it to travel as fast and if not faster than the regular automobile traffic that I had been traveling with along this familiar road, as having been driving/riding along side, regular cars caused me concern as to my safety, driving alongside these other vehicles, due to the light weightlessness I experienced while traveling. I am not a bicycle enthusiast, but this dream has always remained with me, as I was curious as at that time of dreaming it, bicycles and especially some of the bikes that I see around every so often, didn’t so much exist, if but rarely. This has caused me to consider, utilizing a welder that I have and would like to put to some use, as all too often I see bicycle frames discarded on the side of the road, on hard rubbish drives, utilizing recycling, as they seem to be easily obtained.

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