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Custom bikes

I am not referring to the high dollar custom machines that framebuilders create. I am talking about bikes that are modified by their owners to make them unique. It is fun to see what people do with their bikes. Pictured above is a bike, most likely owned by a messenger, that I saw in Manhattan. I doubt that the designers of the Trispoke wheel ever pictured their product on a bike like this. One thing is for sure, this bike won’t get lost in a crowd. For that reason, I liked it enough to stop and take a picture.
Another type of customization is a little more extreme. These bikes were also in New York during the last bicycle film festival. They may look a little hard to ride, but they definitely have some appeal. How can you not want to at least try to ride one of these mutant choppers when you see them? A lot of creative thought goes into homemade designs like this. I, for one, love to see it.

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  1. todd says

    Check out Scul

  2. Tim Jackson- Masi Guy says

    I agree. I love Franken-bikes. There is a great blend of art and beast in these machines.

  3. bikefridaywalter says

    i concur.

    see also chunk 666. look under fleet. para chunkular constructions have some interesting ones. on that page, look for “How to make a Bicycle into a Record Player in 12,768 Easy Steps.” i want that.

    also, there’s a great book called “bicycle builder’s bonanza” by that actually gives recipes for disaster. :) the red shoe of death, sky walker, and ladder under the photo gallery are incredibly impressive.

  4. bikefridaywalter says

    why does it do this to me? ugh! it’s by atomic zombie.

  5. James says

    I have a copy of the Atomic Zombie book, so one of these days I will probably make a mutant bike out of some of the bikes I find in the trash (my son likes the idea of making a chopper). If I remember correctly, the author welds everything with a cheap stick welder. Aside from that, you just need an angle grinder, a hack saw, and a few basic hand tools.

  6. Customator says

    hey, Just wanted to say something a bit starnge with my bike.
    i have a 20″ wheel on the back and a 16″wheel on the front!! very retro.

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