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A post Interbike post

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OK, to be honest this post is not exactly about Interbike, but it is about my recent Interbike web searches. Rollyo is a great tool that I was using last week to search multiple cycling sites for news and pictures from the show. Basically, you can create custom searchrolls that consist of several of your favorite websites on any given subject. You can also explore the search rolls that others have created on a variety of topics. Check out the one I created called bikes, bikes, bikes. When I type Interbike in the search field, I get results from all of the sites that I would normally check individually. How cool is that?

I found out about Rollyo from a post on Seth Godin’s blog. If any of you who are interested in product development are not checking his site, you should. He has some great ideas and always presents them in an entertaining manner.

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