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An intro of sorts

Concept 3 1920

1980s track bike marker sketch by James Thomas
Okay, since this is my first post, I probably should start with some sort of an introduction. I am a product designer, but I do not work in the bicycle industry. I design home decor products, which is generally a fun job. That said, you might be wondering, why am I starting a blog about bike design? The simple answer is because I like bikes. I like to ride them, work on them, look at them, think about them, and occasionally sketch them when I need a mental design break. This is a place to share some of my ideas with others who love bicycles and to talk about current trends in the field of bicycle design.

This first post is a really old marker rendering of a pursuit bike for track racing. I did this one around the time of my first year of college. The toe clips date the sketch to the late 80’s (and I guess they also date me). There were not too many molded carbon frames back then, so this bike was “out there” at the time. In retrospect, I am not sure if the front wheel fairing really has a purpose, but it is kind of fun to look at. I must have been considerably more flexible when I first drew this bike; today my back hurts just looking at it.

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  1. Dan September 20, 2010 at 11:36 am -  Reply

    Looks fun!

  2. Mark (NL) November 9, 2010 at 6:39 am -  Reply

    Just found your blog by searching for inspiration for a project I’m working on. Looking to your design, I was thinking about how you can turn this into mechanical advantage. Is it possible to open the front of the frame, put some fins on the front wheel, turn the bottombracket into a compressor, make some holes in the chain stays and blow the air on some fins on the rear wheel. To make this story short; turn the air resistance into an extra power on the rear wheel?

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