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A modular trailer concept

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Today’s post is another older rendering from the jctdesign archives (i.e. that pile of unlabeled CD’s in the back of my computer cabinet). This one looks like it probably dates back to the days of Y bikes and unified rear triangles; for the sake of simplicity we’ll just peg it as mid nineties. The idea behind this concept was to make a one-wheeled, suspended trailer that could serve more than one purpose. In theory, the red child seat portion could be removed and a cargo module could fit onto the gray base frame in its place. Who knows, maybe other specific load carrying modules would make sense as well. Any ideas? I know that I have used my 2-wheeled Burley style child trailer as a utility trailer. That may not be a formal market study, but it proves that there is at least one person who would like to carry kids, groceries, or anything else with the same trailer. I doubt I would pay a thousand bucks or more for a fancy carbon fiber model, but the same modular idea could be easily applied to a steel-framed, one-wheeled trailer like the Yak from BOB. Now that BOB has the introduced the IBEX plus trailer with suspension, the idea is half way there.

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  1. Fritz September 29, 2005 at 12:23 pm -  Reply

    Now that my kids have outgrown the trailer, I use it now as a cargo trailer.

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